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On behalf of the church family at Trinity, we welcome you and your event to Trinity.

Concerts and events have been staged at Trinity since this building was built in 1888.

We appreciate the fact that your event is unique. We want to do everything possible to make yours as special as you hope it to be. We look forward to meeting with you and assisting in making this a memorable occasion.

Trinity United Methodist Church Event Policies

The following are the established event policies at Trinity United Methodist Church. Please make certain you are willing to abide by these policies before you make a final decision about having your event here. If there is anything you do not understand, please do not hesitate to ask. Remember that your event deposit is not refundable.

  • A Trinity staff member will be on site during your event.
  • No glitter may be used anywhere in the building.
  • Use of tobacco products is not permitted anywhere in the building.
  • Beverages. No alcoholic beverages of any kind are permitted on church property.
  • Safekeeping of valuables and gifts. Because we are unable to be responsible for your valuables and gifts, we request that you appoint a friend or family member as your personal attendant to work with the event coordinator to perform this and other tasks.
  • Free parking is available in the lot north of the church after 5 p.m. weekdays and all day Saturday.
  • Trinity United Methodist Church is handicapped accessible.
  • Since most events are held outside regular church business hours, there likely will not be a receptionist on duty the day or evening of your event. While there is a recorded message giving directions to the church, it might be wise to make other arrangements for last-minute calls, such as having a member of your party carry a cell phone.


These are the steps you should follow in planning your event at Trinity:

  1. Call 303-839-1493 to contact the event scheduler. The scheduler will confirm the availability of the facility for the dates of your event and rehearsal. To hold that date and time, you need to make an appointment with the event scheduler to complete the contract.
  2. The event scheduler will send a letter to you reminding you to set up an appointment with the event coordinator.
  3. The event scheduler's letter will also remind you sound, lighting and other details surrounding your event.


Fees cover the expenses for the staff, event coordinator, custodians, security, maintenance, and heating and cooling related to use of the building. A deposit is due at the time the facility is reserved. Arrangements are then made with the event scheduler for payment. We regret that the deposit is not refundable.

Event Check List

To assure understanding of the policies affecting your event at Trinity, please remember the following:

  • Telephone your Trinity event scheduler at 303-839-1493 to set up your event appointment. Sound and lighting is available through Trinity and can be acquired through outside vendors at additional charge. A Trinity light & sound technician will be on site during your event.
  • Only Trinity church organists are allowed to play the historic Roosevelt Organ. Additional musicians may participate with the permission of the Trinity staff.
  • Because Trinity may have as many as three events in a single day, it is very important that your event be completed within the time period contracted for your event. This means that the event begins on time, and that picture-taking and other follow-up activities are completed within the contracted time.
  • Ushers should be prepared to seat guests 30 minutes before the event.
  • Payment in full is due 6 months before the date of the event. Make the check payable to Trinity United Methodist Church, with the envelope addressed to the attention of the event scheduler.
  • If the guest book is brought to the church, the attendant should be prepared 30 minutes before the ceremony begins, and the book should be closed five minutes before the beginning of the ceremony.
  • Rehearsals can be arranged prior to your event. Please have all involved in the event arrive for the rehearsal a few minutes early. Rehearsals in the sanctuary may be difficult to locate for persons not familiar with the layout of Trinity. The main sanctuary doors are locked until 30 minutes before any event or service. Prior to that time, entrance to the sanctuary is through the office entrance on the lower level. Please station someone at that door to direct persons to the sanctuary.

Thank you for booking your event at Trinity!