John Philip Newell

In October 2013, John Philip Newell, through his gentle and grace-filled spirit, invited over 400 weekend workshop participants into listening to the heartbeat of God which resides deep within each of us, reminding us that each of us is precious in the sight of God and that all of us are precious creations of God.


With the beautiful blessing of music from the Trinity Chancel Choir, Chamber Singers, and concert organ, we learned about the true sense of oneness with each other and with creation so that we can incorporate this deep understanding into our daily lives. And, we were encouraged to translate these new learnings into transformative action so that we and the world may be whole and holy.

Throughout the weekend, the Trinity family and guests were truly welcomed into holy moments. How fortunate we are!


Download these three follow-up resources to assist you in your continued journey.


Transformative Action and Next Steps

Reflection and Next Steps

Book Club


John Philip Newell


Trinity was thrilled to welcome John Philip Newell back for a talk and book signing of his new release The Rebirthing of God in July 2014. 


For many years now, the Celtic poet, peacemaker and scholar John Philip Newell has been writing about the sacredness of being, the of-Godness that is at the heart of our lives and all life. In this new work, Newell asks what the world in general - and Christianity in particular - would look like if the true depths of our sacredness were to come forth in radically new ways.

Drawing on modern prophets from east and west, and using the holy island of Iona as an icon of new beginnings, this book speaks directly to teh heart of Christians - those within the well-defined bounds of Christian practice and those on the disenchanted edges - as well as to the faithful and seekers of other traditions. It offers the hope of a fresh stirring of the Spirit among us and the invitation to be part of laboring in a new holy birth of sacred living.

Listen to a Podcast Interview of John Philip Newell by Rob Bell