Wider Mission Giving Offering

What it is:

We at Trinity are part of the Rocky Mountain Conference of the United Methodist Church. Through the conference, we are called to take the initiative to fund a portion of the educational, physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those beyond the walls of our church. Our gifts, provided through Wider Mission Giving at Trinity, will provide for deserving people and programs offered within our conference and around the world.

How do we contribute to Wider Mission?

We will receive our Easter Offering envelope and letter from Dr. Dent. Stewardship of our resources is part of the cost of the journey we are taking together. Our resources are God's gifts. We are called to be channels for giving. When you have determined the amount of your gift, use the Easter Offering envelope, mark your check "Easter Offering," mail it to the church or bring it Easter Sunday. Thank you for your generous support, which allows Trinity to fully support the United Methodist Church here and around the world.

How you can help:

Contribute to the offering on Easter Sunday.

The Trinity Connection:

Last year Trinity gave more than $200,000 through the Rocky Mountain Conference for leadership development, pensions and clergy support; outreach to thousands of churches, nursing homes, hospitals, missionaries and missions; finance and administration of our conference; new ministries, communication materials, and congregational development. Examples of these programs include the support of missionaries, evangelism stimulating church growth and expanding Bible studies, development of local church programs for children through seniors and assistance for high quality college and graduate education programs. When we write a check or put our second-mile contribution in the offering plate for Easter, that money goes beyond our local church and reaches ministry in places where no single local church alone could make a difference.