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Sunday Worship at 8:15 &11am | Sunday School for All Ages at 9:30am

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elcome to joyful music making!

Our classes foster a love of music in a family context that forms a lifetime appreciation of music. We strive to create a loving, community atmosphere that fosters a rich learning environment. Our studio has developed a set of policies in order to reach these goals – for our children, our families and our teachers.


Our Early Childhood Music classes are centrally located at Trinity United Methodist Church at 18th and Broadway in downtown Denver. You can access the building from Broadway. Go down the stairs and through the double doors straight ahead. Classes are held on Level 2 in the Children's Ministry area to your left and on Level 1. Please ask the office on the second floor for assistance if needed.


Parking is free after 5 p.m. on Mondays in the lot north of the church on Broadway. Please allow extra time to park and get settled before class begins.

The light rail has two good stops close to Trinity: 20th & Welton or 18th & California. Both stops are only two blocks away from the church. Children love the ride and enjoy having it as part of their music class routine.


Our program year begins in September and ends in May with an abbreviated session in the summer. Registration for the year begins in August. All participants are required to fill out a registration form to enroll their children in class, either by mail or online. A nonrefundable registration fee is due at that time of $15/student or $20/family. The registration fee and your form reserve your space in the class requested. Students are enrolled in class in the order that registration materials are received. In the event of a full class or cancelled class, the deposit is fully refundable.


Waiting lists are created in the event that a class fills up. Those on a waiting list will be called when there is an opening.


Once class has begun, an invoice will be sent for tuition. You may choose to pay your entire tuition immediately or pay monthly. Tuition for the first semester is due on October 2. The deadline for the second semester is February 12. If you are paying on a monthly basis, tuition is due on the first class of each month. Please pay online or bring a check to class. If you need to mail your payment, please send your payment with a copy of your invoice to Trinity United Methodist Church, ATTN: ECM Director, 1820 Broadway, Denver, CO 80202. A 15% tuition discount will be applied for each additional registered sibling. Scholarships are available for families who need assistance with tuition.



It is essential that music making be a part of your everyday life at home in order for your family to maximize the experiences in music class. For every semester of class, you will receive CDs, books, instruments and additional materials required for class. These are truly wonderful tools to use with your child at home and include top-notch CDs that provide a good model of the singing voice.


ECM provides a unique childcare service through the Trinity United Methodist Church nursery. Childcare is available free of charge for families enrolled in our program on Monday evenings only. Parents have the option of placing siblings in the nursery while attending class with another child.

Childcare procedures are as follows:

  • Please sign your child in and out of the nursery, indicating that you are participating in Early Childhood Music on the form.
  • Childcare should only be used when you are in class. Once you are out of class, we ask that you pick up your other children from childcare. This is a service paid for out of our Early Childhood Music budget. Please do not take advantage of the availability of childcare by leaving your children with our caregivers once you are out of class.


It is important that you are consistent in your attendance of classes in order to provide the most benefit for your child. It also is beneficial for the class to have as many parents and children present as possible. However, we do understand that kids get sick and other emergencies arise in our busy lives. If you are not going to be able to be at class, please call or e-mail the teacher ahead of time. If your child does miss a class due to illness or vacation, you have the opportunity to attend a different class as a supplementary lesson.

While we understand the occasional absence due to illness or an extended absence due to vacations, we reserve the right to remove your child from a class if you have four or more unexcused absences.We often have other children on our waiting lists for classes, and it is unfair to keep a child on the roster who does not attend class regularly.


Music classes will be cancelled for snow according to the cancellation of Denver Public Schools. Lessons cancelled due to snow will not be made up. If you are attending an evening class, the cancellation will be made by 2 p.m. that day. You will receive a phone call, email, and/or text message notifying you of the cancellation. We will also post a message on our Facebook page.


We request that you do your best to arrive at class 5-10 minutes early. It is important for the learning of your child and other children in the classroom that everyone be settled before class begins. Age appropriate books will be placed in each room before class begins. Please use this opportunity to spend a few minutes of focused activity with your child before class begins. If you have classes on both Level 1 and Level 2, please be sure to monitor your child at all times. Students should not be sent to class unaccompanied.


Teachers will be available to speak with you or answer questions after your weekly class. If you have a question or concern that will need more than a few minutes to discuss, please schedule a conference for another time. All of our teachers are eager to work with our families to create a positive learning environment, and communication is a key factor in achieving this goal. Please feel free to contact your child's teacher by phone or e-mail. You can also leave a message for your child's teacher by way of the director.


We understand that babies may need to be fed during class or soothed with a pacifier. However, toys are a big distraction to your child and to others. They will not be allowed in class. Please leave them at home. There are tables in the Level 1 Atrium that are available for you to enjoy dinner or snacks before or after class. Please avoid having food in any carpeted areas of the church.


Please make sure you and your child are dressed in a way that allows for movement.

We work on the floor with the children. If you or another caregiver needs a chair, please let your teacher know.

Please use the nursery for diaper changes.

Your teacher is available for questions AFTER class. Sometimes our educators teach two classes in a row. Be aware that he or she will need time to prepare for the next class. If you need more than a few minutes of his or her time, please schedule an appointment or call her at a later time.

Focus on your child during class! Please refrain from using cell phones or talking with other parents during class.