Trinity SOS (Save Our Siblings)

Stop-Human-Trafficking-bwTrinity SOS is a group of women and men whose mission is to end the commercial exploitation of people, better known as slavery or human trafficking, by changing our culture to one of love.

Ten Trinity members came together in March 2016, appalled at the injustice that is happening in our own backyards. Denver is a major city for human trafficking, specifically for the trafficking of young women forced to work in the sex industry. Our intention is to educate the public and raise money for anti-human trafficking organiations.

Current Projects:

  • Prayer to empower those in human trafficking to escape and to empower ourselves to help them.
  • Becoming known in the community, both within and outside of Trinity.
  • Inviting speakers to educate us and the Trinity congregation on human trafficking.
  • Being aware and actively involved with legislation.
  • Small projects in groups that further our mission.
  • Book studies to inspire us and teach us how to make a difference.
  • Concerts to raise awareness and money.

We invite you to join us with your presence and ideas at our regular meetings held the first Sunday of each month, from 12:30 to 2 p.m., in the Heritage Room (Level 3). At the meeting, we will have lunch, pray, do an activity and divide into smaller groups to take on projects in which we can make a difference.

If you cannot make the meetings or would like more information, please contact Mber Rose Love at 720-364-9066 or Rev. Lee Anderson-Harris at 303-839-1493. We will be in touch with you about how you can help support our mission.

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