Guatemala Milk Program

The Pura Vida Christmas Milk Program serves families in need in Guatemala. Donations are used to provide milk to the rural village of Lemoa. A 2.5-kg canister of premium dehydrated milk can be purchased and delivered for only $12. That makes five gallons of whole milk, which will provide months of vital nutrition to chronically malnourished children. Dairy milk is not commonly available in the area, due to the lack of refrigeration and poor health of the local cattle.

Pura Vida Ministries is an ecumenical Christian effort bringing together Guatemala and the United States, working to promote health and education in Santa Cruz del Quiche, Guatemala. Pura Vida gives time, knowledge and resources to help build up communities to their standards, not ours.

Trinity offers the Pura Vida Christmas Milk Program as an Alternative Gift choice during Advent. Learn more