In Mission Together - Eurasia

Friends from Bethany UMC, Pushkin, RussiaCOMPLETED!

What it is:

A project of the United Methodist General Board of Global Ministries, Trinity supported Bethany United Methodist Church in Pushkin, Russia (suburb of St. Petersburg), as a part of In Mission Together—Eurasia. As a supportive congregation, Trinity pledged financial and relational support to the Pushkin church.

The Russian UMC is at a crossroads because its tiny churches are trying to transition to independent congregations; thus, the heart and soul of this mission is in encouraging relationships with the young growing churches. Trinity members attended Christian Summer Camp with adults, youth and children from Bethany and several other churches in the Pushkin vicinity in July 2014. We set up English Club classes each day, attended worship in the mornings and evenings, and participated in various activities during the day.

In October, Bethany's pastor, Andrey Kuznetsov, visited Denver. Andrey learned how our church helps those in the community and met with past friends who had traveled to Pushkin. He brought us up to date on their successes and difficulties in Russia. We continue to have regular Skype visits with Andrey.

The Trinity Connection:

The churches of Hope, Parker and Trinity United Methodist Churches donated funds to help Bethany pay off a bank loan at 20% interest, which had been accrued to finish the church interior in 2013.

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