Path to Membership

Every Sunday, we extend a personal invitation to the visitors of Trinity United Methodist Church to discern membership in this dynamic congregation. Our church family, the oldest in Denver, is made up of people of all ages and backgrounds who share faith in Jesus Christ and who sponsor and participate in over 100 ministries of worship, study, fellowship, mission, individual and family enrichment and enjoyment, and spiritual and personal growth. Here is some helpful information on how to join the church and, more importantly, what it means to belong to the church.

The Means

  1. Persons may request information to join the church any Sunday by filling out the membership card in the pews.
  2. We strongly recommend that all people participate in the Exploring Trinity class series or Trinity 101 prior to joining. These classes cover what it means to be a Christian disciple, a United Methodist, and a member of Trinity. Our pastors are always happy to visit with you to discuss Christian discipleship and church membership.
  3. Those who have completed Exploring Trinity or Trinity 101 and have committed to joining are invited to come forward to be received, commended, and welcomed into the Trinity family during the singing of the final hymn on their membership Sunday.
  4. Trinity is only a part of the worldwide Christian Church. As Christians, we believe in the universal church that is beyond denominational bounds. Any person who has received Christian baptism and joined another church - Protestant or Catholic - may join Trinity by transfer of his/her membership. The membership secretary will send for a letter of transfer to your home congregation after you join.
  5. Persons who have never publicly professed the Christian faith or joined the church may join by Profession of Faith in Jesus Christ. One is asked to accept and acknowledge Jesus as personal Savior and Lord. If not previously baptized, one is baptized before being received into church membership.
  6. Persons joining are asked to stay after the service to be greeted, give and receive additional information, and have a picture taken.

The Meaning

  1. A church member belongs to the church universal, to the denomination, and to the local church. The last is the most significant, for it is locally where we live out our faith.
  2. Church membership grants us the privilege and responsibility of supporting the Body of Christ, the believers around the world with our prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness in the community where we live.
  3. Church membership gives us a local family of support in times of both joy and sorrow.
  4. Church membership gives us the opportunity to belong to something larger than ourselves and, with others, to make a difference in the community.
  5. Church membership provides us the fellowship and friendship of other Christians who nurture and nourish us in our faith journey. The New Testament knows nothing of "unattached" Christians.
  6. Church members are not perfect. They are regular people who want to live into the love that God freely gives us.
  7. Joining Trinity means becoming a part of the greatest movement in human history, the Christian church.

If you are not yet a member of Trinity, we encourage you to consider that commitment. There is no time like the present! By whatever means you come, the invitation is extended.

Please feel free to contact Dr. Michael Dent, Senior Pastor, at 303-839-1493 if we can answer any questions. We would be glad to visit with you. God bless you in your discernment to serve Christ at Trinity.

Download the Membership Form