Liturgy: Work of the People

Liturgy meets each Wednesday at 6 p.m. in the Sanctuary.

Upcoming topics:

A Peoples History Series: Starting April 19
Whenever peace is given voice, whenever justice is given precedence, whenever goodness and mercy flow freely from the wells of grace, it is because "ordinary" people have stood up and become vessels of God. The Biblical history portrays a great "I AM" who transformed slaves into beloved community, drunkards into vessels of hope and continuity, poor speakers into great liberators, and a homeless carpenter into the Prince of Peace. Join us for our newest worship series, A Peoples History of God." What may amaze you most is finding yourself within the greatest story every told and that the story is still unfolding in you.

  • April 19: What is a "People's History of God?" | Music by Kevin Garmin
  • April 26: Genesis: A Story of Beginnings | Music by Trinity's Youth Choir
  • May 3: Exodus: Our Lord, the Great Liberator
  • May 10: Leviticus: The Lord's Community
  • May 17: Numbers: The Hope of a Generation
  • May 24: Deuteronomy: Sacred Law
  • May 31: Joshua and Judges: Divine Politics

Who We Are:

A growing community of diverse believers who gather weekly to share our gifts of worship and praise with one another.

What We Believe:

That each and every human being has a divine gift to share that is an invaluable blessing to all who receive it.

What We Do:

Share with each other the spiritual gifts of poetry, music, speaking, storytelling and testimony. Each and every expression of faith and experience is a means of drawing closer to the divine.

Why We Do It:

By offering our many and varied gifts to God and to each other, we are embracing a reality that is more pure and true than that of a polarized society.