Calling All Caregivers


Sunday Worship VIRTUALLY at 8:15am or anytime after

December 15, 2019

12:15 PM

1820 Broadway Denver, CO 80202

Self care is essential for caregivers, and these special friends and family members sometimes need a little push to make that happen. That’s why a new community is forming at Trinity.

On December 15th, for 90 minutes, caregivers can take a break and be with others who understand their plight. We may share stories, laughter, tears and hugs. We may express frustrations, celebrate small miracles, and encourage each other. Or maybe we will just breathe. Whether you are a primary caregiver for a family member, or are walking beside a loved one who has a physical or mental illness, you are welcome in this group. No preparation required. Just show up and open yourself to God’s loving grace in this new community of mutual support and friendship. For more information, contact Pastor Lee Anderson-Harris.