Good Friday: Mozart's Requiem


Sunday Worship at 8:15 &11:00am

April 19, 2019

7:00 PM

1820 Broadway Denver, CO 80202

Join Trinity for a special Good Friday Service on April 19 at 7:00pm. Trinity's Music & Arts Ministry presents Mozart's Requiem, with Trinity's Chancel Choir, soloists and orchestra. Childcare available. Holy Week Parking & Location details here.

About the Mozart Requiem:

Though the word “Requiem” has become synonymous with large choral masterworks, “Requiem” (the Latin word for “rest”) originally referred to a funeral or Mass for the Dead in the Church. A Requiem Mass followed the liturgical model of weekly traditional Sunday Mass. Scriptural passages related to the dying person’s final confession, absolution, and life everlasting were traditionally included in the Requiem Mass. Composers across centuries have been inspired by the beautiful and poignant form of the Requiem Mass, and setting the form to music has been a kind of rite of passage for career composers.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was deeply familiar with the Requiem Mass form, living in Catholic-dominant Vienna and working for Salzburg’s Archbishop Colloredo for a portion of his early career. He accepted a commission in 1791 from Count Franz von Walsegg, who, it is rumored, planned to present the Requiem as his own work in honor of his late wife. Mozart tragically died before he could complete the work, leaving an autographed manuscript completing only the Requiem’s first six movements and sketches of the rest. Immediately following his death, several of Mozart’s students and colleagues were approached to complete the work. Ultimately, Franz Suessmayr wrote the completion that is offered in today’s service, though many other composers and musicologists have attempted to reconstruct Mozartian completions.