Interfaith Prayer Service before Womxn's March on Denver


Sunday Worship at 8:15 &11:00am

January 18, 2019

8:30 AM

1820 Broadway Denver, CO 80202

January 19 is not only the Womxn's March on Denver, it's also Shabbat, the Jewish Sabbath. Join Rabbis Birdie Becker, Sara Gilbert, Rachel Kobrin, Evette Lutman, and Amanda Schwartz and Rabbinic Candidates Caryn Aviv and Kolby Morris-Dahary as well as fellow Womxn's March marchers for a short, sweet and spirited Shabbat service. We will recite prayers for love, listening, healing, and more (all in 30 minutes!) and then will head over to the march together. All are welcome to join.

We will provide print-outs for the abbreviated service with Hebrew, English and transliteration. If you would like a more complete service, you are invited to bring your own siddur (prayer book).

Learn more about Womxn's March on Denver here and the history of the movement here.

*The spelling of the word "women" here - womxn - is correct. Womxn is a spelling that recognizes "the importance of inclusion of all people experiencing sexism".