Sunday Worship services 9am & 11am

Statement of Inclusion

“Welcome one another, therefore, as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.” Romans 15:7

Trinity United Methodist Church, a regional church located in the heart of Denver, has a community mission and historic faith tradition dating back to 1859. Today the church offers welcoming and transforming experiences of worship and service, embracing the Christian message of love for all and upholding the value and uniqueness of each person.

Our inclusion knows no boundaries or conditions. Our intentional hospitality welcomes and values all of God’s people. We see the image of God in every human face. We welcome people of every race, ethnicity, and country of origin; gender identity, marital status, and sexual orientation; faith, culture, and language. We include people of all ages, levels of education, and physical and mental ability; socio-economic class, political affiliation, and life experience; shape, size, and appearance.

We are committed to becoming a more diverse congregation that reflects the composition of our metropolitan community, where members and visitors feel that their presence matters and diversity fosters meaningful and enriching participation. As we strive for deeper understanding of the sacred worth of each person and the holy nature of Christian community, we endeavor to turn our words into deliberate policies, practices, and natural acts of kindness.

Adopted: June 30, 2019