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September Message Series: A September to Remember (Again) 

As we poise ourselves to return to health protocols like masking while indoors, social distancing in public, and vigorously washing our hands, we must remind ourselves we've been here before, remember? Last September, we practiced these protocols in the absence of widespread vaccinations. We can do this because we have in the past and we can now - love our neighbors by protecting our body and someone else's. Please join us this month in-person (we prefer you to be fully vaccinated) and online for worship to collectively remember "God is with us in everything you do." - Genesis 21:22

September 5: Never Alone; Theme: Living in Community - Mark 7:24-37

September 12: Together We Stand; Theme: Resilience - Isaiah 50:4-9

September 19: Course Correction; Theme: Practicing discipline with wisdom - Psalm 1

September 26: Love Love - Mark 9:38-50

October Sermon Series: Five Weeks of October

Did we even imagine 2021 would fly by so fast? As we begin Q4, most of us are astonished by the warp speed our world has changed. One thing remains a beautiful constant - our trust in God. Let's end this last quarter in 2021 as we bean the year - trusting in God!

October 3: Burden Bearers - Genesis 2:18-24

October 10: Less Anxious - Psalm 22:1-15

October 17: TBD

October 24: Corrective Lens - Mark 10:46-52

October 31: Securing A Future - Ruth 1:1-18

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