Wellness & Self Care


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Wellness & Self Care

Whole Health

Abundant life in Christ is available to all, and care for the whole self is an important piece in receiving this life! Caring for one’s whole self is a part of being a disciple. Jesus’ healing ministry showed the vital connection between physical and spiritual health. When we are healthy in the various spheres of our lives, we enjoy greater spiritual health. At the same time, being spiritually healthy helps us maintain health in these other spheres.

As a part of the Care Ministry, Trinity’s Health Ministry provides education on various whole health topics, from First Sunday Blood Pressure Checks to seminars on topics such as nutrition, memory loss, planning for our later years, and more.

Here are some articles that further discuss the value of whole health:

Self Care and PErsonal Growth

We are made in the image of God, and are called to care for the gifts God has given each of us. This means caring for ourselves and seeking to live into our fullest potential as humans. We grow in community, and we also grow as we do individual work and reflection with God. Below are resources to help you in your journey of transformation.

Resources coming soon!