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Amplify fund grant

We are pleased to announce that the inaugural grant cycle for the AMPLIFY Fund has commenced! The AMPLIFY Fund is an initiative of Trinity United Methodist Church’s Anti-Racist Allyship. Our mission is to expand the influence of Black-owned businesses by helping to dismantle financial barriers through small-business support.

This grant cycle specifically funds the opportunity for up to eight Black entrepreneurs to employ an hourly Virtual Assistant for three months. Optional guidance by an expert in the field on how to structure work and manage the time of a Virtual Assistant for maximum effectiveness is available at no cost. While most business owners will be working to build earnings capacity for retaining administrative support some may have a specific short-term project that can be accomplished with grant funding.


Please see Grant Guidelines and short Grant Application for more information. A fully completed Grant Application is required to be considered for funding and it must be submitted by midnight on May 31, 2021. Funds distribution begins in June and our field consultant is able to help with Virtual Assistant placements if desired by the business owner.

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This webinar was held on November 16th at 7pm which featured a panel hosted by Pastor Ken Brown, Senior Pastor at Trinity United Methodist Church. The discussion helped gain understanding of access barriers encountered by Black business and non-profit leaders as well as discover actions that we all can take for greater racial equity in your community.

Panelists included:

John Reid

Lotte Lieb Dula - retired financial strategist and Founder


Adrian Miller


John Common - CEO, Intelligent Demand


Dzirae Gold - Special Musical Guest


Ken Brown, Senior Pastor Trinity United Methodist Church


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