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Music & Arts Ministry

a place to grow musically, spiritually and artistically

Our prayer is simple, God. That through the work we do and who we are, all we meet would find out what's inside, find you, feel loved and know that they matter.
—Kathy Dunnewald

This prayer sums up the whole of Music & Arts Ministry at Trinity, which is a ministry for all ages. We invite you to join us in our endeavors to grow musically, spiritually, artistically all while being in connection with one another.

Music & arts values

We have chosen these values to guide our work together:

These values guide our decision-making and direct our energy to serve "Soli Deo Gloria" - To God Alone Be the Glory (J.S. Bach). We believe each one is a conduit for music, the arts and love to flow through.

Join Us

We are always looking to welcome other artists, creators and creatives to join us in the heart of the city to discover ways to live our daily lives from the heart in peace and joy. We have a myriad of opportunities for every age and skill level. Learn more about Trinity's Adult Choirs, Youth & Children Choirs or upcoming Music & Arts Events.

Music & arts team

Music & Arts Ministry has the honor and privilege of partnering with amazing musician who provide leadership, direct choirs and ensembles and support the work of our ministry. Learn more about our directors and leadership team!

music & arts team


Many Trinity ensembles have recorded throughout the years! Listen to a selection of favorite pieces.


The Artist's Way Class

Whether you are a writer, poet, playwright, painter, dancer, comedian or want to discover where your creative gifts might lead, you will find that wherever you are is the entry point as you begin this class!

What: The Practical Art of Creativity: A 12 week class will begin Wednesday, January 6 – March 24, 2021, 1:30-3:30pm.

Where: A virtual class that will be available on your lap top or tablet.

Who: This class is designed for those who would like the challenge of exploring "their artist within" during a 12 week guided experience. Through the group session we will discover and recover our creative self. The sense of wonder we all experience is a source of creative inspiration. Using material from Vein of Gold, by Julia Cameron, participants will receive guidance in developing the ability to see the extraordinary in the ordinary and use this newfound awareness to fuel their creative process. This class is led by Rev. Miriam Slejko.

Cost: $60 payable by credit card (registration link below) or mail check to Trinity United Methodist Church, 1820 Broadway, Denver, CO 80202.

Vein of Gold by Julia Cameron is required for all participants. Purchasing the book is the responsibility of each participant. Amazon lists $18.95 new, from $5.99 used, Kindle,$14.99