Sanctuary Flooring Project


Sunday Worship VIRTUALLY at 8:15am or anytime after

Project Update

The renovation team worked this week to remove pews and carpeting on the left side of the main floor and dais. Several staircases are also underway and are being prepared for new carpet.

What to expect This Sunday

The organ is sealed to protect the instrument during the renovation. Sanctuary furniture, bibles, hymnals and pew cushions have been stored for safe keeping. If desired, bring a pillow or seat cushion to sit on during worship services. Please note and respect closed areas that are currently under renovation. Signs will be posted on Levels 3 & 4, designating areas that are not open to the congregation. The Sanctuary Balcony (Level 5) is closed for the duration of the project.

Project Details


The Sanctuary Flooring Project begins Monday, July 15, 2019 and will take approximately 10 weeks, finishing in mid to late September. Materials will arrive mid to late June, and will be temporarily stored in the Fellowship Hall and the rear of the Sanctuary. Funds for the project were allotted during the 2009 Sesquicentennial Missional Campaign.


  • Honoring the history of the room
  • Improving the acoustics
  • Addressing safety issues with the current worn carpeting
  • Repairing or replacing the wood flooring under the pews
  • Providing new carpeting that offers longevity of service


The new carpet is an updated replica of the original 1888 carpet. The pattern is modeled after the original, with a revised color palette to compliment the sanctuary's existing stained glass windows. The carpet is being designed and manufactured by Axminster Carpets, who crafted the original carpet. They are "Britain’s oldest, best known and most prestigious carpet designer and manufacturer." The patterned carpet will be featured on the main floor of the sanctuary, while a complimentary solid color will be installed in the stairwells, balcony and Stiles Chapel. Additionally, wood panel flooring will be installed under the pews, replacing the parquet. The carpeting and additional hardwoods will improve the acoustics of the room. The carpet color palette, pattern and wood paneling are pictured below. Please note that due to your computer screen's display settings, the colors pictured may or may not accurately depict the exact colors.

Sunday Worship

We will continue to meet for Sunday worship services in the sanctuary throughout the project. The organ will be covered to protect the instrument from construction debris. The balcony area will be closed for the duration of the project. Portions of the sanctuary will be partitioned off as the pews are lifted and new flooring is installed. A project update will be posted on this page, and featured in the weekly email each Thursday, to share any information needed to navigate the space on Sundays. We are excited to see this project come to life and invite you to join us in this endeavor!

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